Digital Photography

Computers and cellular phones, mobility and microchips – these are the trademarks of the world today. We live in a world continually changed by technology. Even the arts have continually changed due to technology. The art of digital photography requires skill in order to pull off properly. Some people may reason that digital photography can always be edited, many people do not really know how much work editing can be. Technology has reached a level wherein a person needs to know how to use the tools properly in order to do great graphic arts work including digital photography.

The art of digital photography, requires the three T’s:

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Tactical Placement of Equipment

At ProWebNow we work with stunning graphic  artists who have taken the time to train in the art of digital photography. This training is something akin to sharpening a knife using a grindstone, or forging a fine katana, (that’s the Japanese samurai sword) by heating it and folding it over a thousand times –it may be painful, but it is necessary to produce the best.

Talent is needed in order to be truly great at the art of digital photography. Our artists have an eye for the subjects that make a great photograph.

Digital Photography



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